Bringing Yoga Nilayam Yoga & Wellness programs to your employees is an effective, affordable & proactive way to increase their health, happiness & productivity. It’s a simple yet profound tool for overall wellness regardless of age or fitness level. Employees will gain many benefits including stress reduction, increased focus, stronger immune system (leading to reduced sick leave), increased flexibility, better posture, relief from minor aches and pains caused by repetitive motion, improper posture and sitting for long periods during the workday.

With a consistent weekly yoga program companies can reduce the likelihood of common employee maladies like back & neck pain, carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injuries, anxiety, insomnia, obesity, poor concentration, headaches, poor posture, low energy, and chronic illness.

On a mental level, a regular yoga practice will improve clarity, concentration, and capacity to handle stress, as well as, the ability to work well with others and solve problems.