Corporate Wellness Through Yoga. Yoga is that every being deserves the holistic benefits of yoga as a practical tool of empowerment, health, and physical fitness. Yoga is a time-tested practice that cultivates boundless levels of energetic and physical fitness.

The 78% of Indian corporate employees sleep less than 6 hours per day due to high level of stress and demanding schedules at workplace leading to daytime fatigue, performance deterioration, increase absenteeism, physical discomfort, low pain threshold and psychological stress. The survey also reveals that the women suffer from sleep problem more than men.


Stress at work is posing a great threat to the health of the employees and, in turn, to the organizations. Several studies have shown that if the working conditions are stressful, there are increase in absenteeism, tardiness and employee’s intention to quit their jobs – all of which have a negative impact on the bottom line. Recent studies show that policies benefitting employee health also benefit the bottom line.

Here, the corporate yoga plays a vital role in reducing stress, minimizing illness, injury, disability in the workforce and thereby making the organization competitive in the marketplace.


Investing in worksite wellness programs not only aims to improve organizational productivity and presenteeism, but also offers a variety of benefits associated with cost savings and resource availability. A study performed and indicated that wellness programs saved organizations, Workplace wellness interventions performed on high-risk cardiovascular disease. These individuals received not only cardiac rehabilitation health education but exercise training as well. thus, organizations that incorporated exercise components into their wellness programs not only decreased healthcare costs by 30% but improved lost work days by 70%. Thus, investing in preventative health practices has proven to not only be more cost effective in resource spending but in improving employee contributions towards high-cost health claims.


The National Commission on Sleep Disorders estimates that lack of sleep leads to higher stress and reduced workplace productivity.

Corporate Yoga plays a definitive role in combating stress and tensions which is a common factor in sleep disorders.

Corporate Yoga promotes the whole-body wellness, both physically and mentally, creating perfect harmony and balance between the mind, body and consciousness.

It is said that for every minute yoga you practice, you will need one minute of less sleep. Therefore, corporate yoga is an excellent investment, not only for health benefits, but also for sleep.


Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga for Stress Management is a daily wise program where employees learn how to manage their stress working at physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels of their personality. The course contains the concept of stress and its management through different techniques of yoga.

Yoga for Wellness

Yoga for Wellness is defined as “the quality of state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.” the place where you land once you have balanced both health and fitness for yourself. Balance is the key to being happy and to think about what balance exact mean. If you want something, there are things you should do but you have to ask yourself, is it worth it for your own personal wellness? here are things you should do but you have to ask yourself.


Yoga for Wellness is a comprehensive package consisting – the concept of wellness and the practices of asana, pranayama, relaxation techniques, shatkarma and meditation to maintain the optimum health level of the employees. This program helps employees not only for prevention but also promotion of their positive health.

Yoga for Corporate Health

Yoga for Corporate health is a customized yoga therapy program based on employees health conditions, needs and requirements. Yoga for Corporate Health addresses the employees need to overcome their health related different issues through different techniques of yoga therapy working at different layers of their personality.

Chair Yoga

The Chair Yoga practices consist of yogic breathing, simple yogic stretching, ergonomic postures, eye exercises which are especially customized to practice on chair for employee’s better health and fitness.